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The Homoeopathic Medical Council is a statutory body established under the Homoeopathy Act, No. 10 of 2016 for the ultimate purpose of protecting the homeopathy healthcare seekers through ensuring professional standards, maintaining discipline and ethics of the registered practitioners.


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Primary objectives of the homoeopathy medical council are registration of homoeopathic medical practitioners and pharmacists, registration and regulation of homoeopathy institutions, promote, foster and regulation of homoeopathic system of medicine in Sri Lanka and for the regulation and control of manufacture, import, storage, sale and distribution of homoeopathic medicines and homoeopathic preparations.



Homoeopathy is a great system of medicine which introduce to the world by a allopathic doctor , Dr Christian Fedrich Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. It is based on a principal " like cures like"( Similia similibus curantur), which means it uses the drugs that produce similar symtoms to the symtoms of disease to cure. When the immunity system / vital force is diranged by any external or internal cause it leads to dirangement of the health of a person and cause disease . When we administrate the most suited medicines , selected according to the totallity of symtoms of the patient in a minute dose, it slightly alterd the immunity system / vital force in a slightly strong manner and leads the body itself to restore the health by removing the cause of the disease and it balances the imbalanced mental and physical symptoms of the patient that he suffered from. Thus the health is restored and body is back to its normal functioning condition. The modes of administration of the Homoeopathy medicines are either oral, olfaction or by applying over skin. Since the medicines are totally selected upon the physical and mental symtoms of the each and every individual patient , this system is individualize the patients one another and it is known as process of Individualization. In a acute disease it works in a short period of time and in a chronic disease it takes a considerable period of time to restore the health by a carefully select , a most suited medicine.

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The most imported fact of the homoeopathy medicine is, its ingredients and the mode of preparations. The homoeopathy medicines are 100% natural and it uses plants materials, animal tissues and secretions ( either healthy or unhealthy ) , minerals, some rocks, water, energy sources ( like magnetic , electricity , X- rays ) etc . The active principals of the ingredients are dialuted into many times and by the process of potentization( either trituration or succusion) each and every potency of medicines are prepared scientifically. Hence homoeopathy medicines are not synthetic chemically in labs. Since the medicines are dialuted into 100, 1000 times, it does not contain any harmful materials/ substances which can cause unhealthy issues to the persons who are intake/ administrated by it. So it does not produce any side effect whatsoever !

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